Tsa Tsa "Rigsum Gonpo", traditional Tibetan mold, big size: height — 9.5 cm width — 7.3 cm | Buddhist art collection

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7.3 cm
9.5 cm
Nett weight
410 gr
Made from
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Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
430 gr
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Tsa-tsa molds

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Here you can see finest Traditional Tibetan bronze mould Tsa Tsa "Rigsum Gonpo". Big size: height — 9.5 cm, width — 7.3 cm.

"Rigsum Gonpo" (Tiob.: རིག་གསུམ་མགོན་པོ།; Wylie: rig gsum mgon po) that means "the Lords of the Three Families", refers to the enlightened deity trinity of Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani, who symbolically represent the body, speech and mind aspects of the buddhas of all times -past, present, and future.

We don't sell cheap clumsy moulds which you can usually find at the market. Our forms are extremely fine and detailed, so you can be sure — your Buddhas will come perfect.

Another important remark about high quality alloy our molds made from. Some laid person may think the alloy is not important. It is not true. There are a lot of low quality molds on the market that made from cheap copper allowy mixed with zink or iron and produced by powder metallurgy. They is easily fractured.
Beside from this, our molds are made from pure copper, that warrants long life and high detalisation of your Buddhas.

Accordingly some sources, Tsa Tsa originated from India and was introduced to Tibet at the end of Early Middle Ages. At the same time other sources point on its Bön (Tib.: བོན་, Wylie: bon) origination.

In this process small Buddha firurines are extruded through a metal mold. The material may vary depends on the purpose and tradition, but mostly is clay or cereal flour that can be mixed with certain precious substances, such as precious stones or metals, or ash of noble monks and high lamas.

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