Tsa Tsa "Padmasambhava" (aka Lotus Born, Guru Rinpoche), traditional Tibetan mold, big size: height — 9.5 cm width — 7.3 cm | Buddhist art collection

Inventory No: 23378

Product Features

7.3 cm
9.5 cm
Nett weight
380 gr
Made from
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
430 gr
Catalog sections
Tsa-tsa molds

Product Description

Here you can see finest Tibetan Traditional bronze mould Tsa Tsa "Padmasambhava aka Guru Rinpoche", big size: height — 9.5 cm, width — 7.3 cm.

Amazingly fine bronze mould which makes perfect Tsa Tsa clay figurines of Padmasambhava aka Guru Rinpoche. Making of such clay images of Buddhas is traditionally considered as a way to accumulate merit and do purification. Tibetans say, the benefits of making tsa tsas are the same as of making of Buddha statue.

We don't sell cheap clumsy moulds which you can usually find at the market. Our forms are extremely fine and detailed, so you can be sure — your Buddhas will come perfect.

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