Nado Poizokhang "Dark-Grey" incense, grade "D" — genuine Bhutanese incense from the Land of Happiness, 30 sticks of 21 cm

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Product Features

Made from
herbal mix
21 cm
Sticks per pack
30 sticks
List of Ingredients
sandalwood, clove, red sandalwood, major cardamom, saffron, nutmeg, aquilaria agallocha, pure honey, cane sugar, shorea robusta, jatamansi, cinnamomum camphora and juniper powder are all included.
Nado Poizokhang
Country of origin
80 gr
Catalog sections
Incenses from Bhutan

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Product Description

This incense is crafted by famous Butanese factory "Nado Poizokhang" — one of the leading incense makers in Bhutan. "Nado" products of are famous by the purity of ingredients used and the careful preparation process. It is one of oldest and the largest hand-made incense manufacturers in Bhutan.

Nado Poizokhang’s Riwo Sangchoe (“Mountain Fume Offering”) incense contains the selection of the best of fruits, cereals, medicinal plants and milk products as detailed in the instructions and manuals of great vajrayana masters of the past. In particular, the instructions of the great master Pema Karpo were used.

It can be burnt at any time, however, it is particularly designated to be used it in the evening.

Disclaimer: Pay attention, please: as an extremely rare case, some ingredients of any incense may cause an allergy problem. So be careful if you have a tendency and remember: you use this product on your own risk.