Traditional Tibetan 108-beads Mala, made from Baltic amber | Color — 16, diameter — 7.0 mm | Buddhist malas collection

Inventory No: 23423

Product Features

Made from
baltic amber
Nett weight
22.5-23.5 gr
Diameter of main bead
7.0 mm
Number of beads
String length
77 (38.5) cm
Order processing:
3-7 working days
Color #16
Country of origin
23 gr
Catalog sections
Malas from Stone

Product Description

Exclusive traditional 108-beads mala from genuine Baltic Amber: color —16, small size — 7.0 mm, weight — 23.0 gr

Are you interested in nice and exclusive mala? Here we have some for you.

May be you know, the Tibetans really value genuine amber (Tib.: སྤོས་ཤེལ་, Wylie: spos shel). In fact, amber is appreciated not only by Tibetans: in many esoteric traditions, amber — the petrified resin of trees — is considered as a special stone that serves as a magic talisman.

Amber varies by the colors and ages. You can see our color chart below: such colors as 1 to 7 are reffered to so called "young" amber, but the colors from 8 to 17 are relevant to the "old" stone. This mala is made from natural unheated and unprocessed amber of color 16, the beads are polished.

We are happy to offer you our collection of genuine Baltic Amber 108-beads malas of different colors and sizes.

Your mala customization.

You may order various separators for your mala. Mostly people ask to assemble their mala with 3 separators. Such separators are not counted during mantra reciting, they are used as marks or tags only.

  1. You can can customize your order with black beads of color #7 in size 5.0 mm for your mala separators. This option costs 3.0 EUR.
  2. You can can customize your order with white exclusive amber of color #11 in size 5.0 mm for your mala separators. This option costs 5.0 EUR.
  3. You can can customize your order with silver separators from our Silver Accessories Collection.

Please contact us before check-out if you wish to add separators of options 1 and 2!!!

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