Big Damaru made from Bawa wood — 20.0 cm | Your perfect Tibetan traditional drum for Chod practice

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Product Features

20.0 cm
Weight without cover
500-550 gr
Weight with cover
900-950 gr
Made from
bawa (burl) wood, leather
Country of origin
900 gr
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Product Description

Big Damaru made from Bawa wood — 19.5 cm | Your perfect Tibetan traditional drum for Chod practice

A small two-membrane drum with rope bits, powered by one hand, is widely distributed throughout Asia and dates back to ancient Indian civilizations. But in the Tibetan tantric rituals and practices the damaru has a special form, and according to established rules it can not be replaced by any other drum.

Damaru was originally made from two skulls. This tradition has survived to this day, but now skulls can be replaced by wood or plastic with the preservation of the original form of the instrument. There are three types of damaru: small in the form of a cranial bone, small round and large round.

This damaru is made from Burl or Bawa wood (Tib.: ལྦ་འ་, Whylie: lba 'a) which is also probably called "zabshing". This wood is a kinda of expensive and the most suitable for such drums by its extremelly light weight. This wood originated from Bhutan, and carefully prepared by our team.

The skin of the drum dried and coloured exactly as it did in ancient times. We give three years warranty on the skin. The mantras inside of the drum are written traditionally by real gold.

Your damaru customization

You may customize your damaru with Our Luxury Chopen.