Wealth Jambhala pills — used for statue filling or as a talisman, diameter — 1.5 cm, White color | Tibetan buddhist ritual goods and talismans

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Product Description

This Wealth pills (Jambhala aka Dzambhala pills) can be placed in a vase of wealth, used for statue filling, or worn around the neck. It is believed to bring wealth.

We have five colors of Wealth Pills in our range, which are symbolically associated with the five Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and the five Dzambala.
Green — with Buddha Amoghasiddhi and Green Jambhala.
White color — with bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara and White Jambhala (Jambhala Gapee).
Yellow color with Buddha Ratnasambhava and Yellow Jambhala.
Red — with Vajrasattva and Red Jambhala (Ganesh or Ganapati).
Blue — with Buddha Akshobhya and Black Jambhala (Kubera, the king of all Jambhalas).