Tibetan Incense "Mindroling Green" — 3rd grade, 100 sticks | Genuine herbal incense from Tibet

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Product Features

Production run
Mindroling Collection
Made from
herbal mix
23 cm
Sticks per pack
2 x 50 - 100 pcs
Country of origin
Central Tibet
210 gr
Catalog sections
Incenses made in Tibet

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Product Description

This collection of incenses came from Midroling monastery, one of the oldest and biggest monasteries of Nyingma traditions, located in central Tibet, near Lhasa. This monastery is considered to be the best incense manufacturer. Their incenses are still prepared exactly in accordance with the recipes of the great master Terchen Rigyan Gyurme Dorje. They contain precious and useful substances as listed below: white and red sandalwood, musk, saffron and many medical herbs from Tibet.

These incenses are perfect as offerings to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and ideal for meditation and relaxation.

This "Blue" one is 3rd grade incense of this collection. Each pack contains two smaller boxes, 50 sticks each one.

We also sell 1st, 2nd and 4th grades of Mindroling incenses.