Tibetan Incense "Labrang Purple", 140 sticks | Genuine herbal incense from Tibet

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Product Features

Production run
Labrabg (Labuleng)
Made from
herbal mix
23 cm
Sticks per pack
140 sticks
Labrang (Labuleng)
Country of origin
Amdo (Northern Tibet)
180 gr
Catalog sections
Incenses made in Tibet

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Product Description

There are only a few Tibetan incenses in the marketplace that is actually manufactured in Tibet, but not in Nepal or India. A few of them are crafted at Labrang Monastery, located in Amdo (Northern Tibet). This monastery has more than 300 years history of incense making.

Each box contains four bunches (35 sticks in each one) of herbal incense. The composition is complicated, but we can promise — there is no any chemistry or essences. Only natural ingridients, as it is written down in traditional prescriptions: red and white sandalwood, saffron, spices, minerals, resins etc.

Each box contains a few pieces of Mendrub - special "pills", blessed by monks during long praying called "retreat". They believe — each who once taste Mendrub will never obtain bad reincarnation.

We sale three different types of incenses, and each of them has own unique taste. There is no way to describe the differences between them, but we can promise — all of them are excelent.