Exclusive traditional Tibetan 108-beads Mala, made from bodhi seeds, brown color, diameter — 9.5 mm | Buddhist malas collection

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Product Features

Made from
bodhi seeds (ziziphus budhensis)
Diameter of main bead
9.0-10.0 mm
Number of beads
String length
105 (52.5) cm
Country of origin
50 gr
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Malas from Wood and Seeds
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Product Description

This exclusive buddhist 108 beads mala is made from so called "Bodhi seed".

The funny side is here: real Bodhi tree is Ficus religiosa, so it doesn't give the seeds, proper for mala making. But for some reason Tibetans call the seeds of some specimens of Ziziphus genus (like Ziziphus abyssinica, Ziziphus mauritiana etc) tree as "Bodhi seeds". These seeds can be of different kinds and different sizes.

The best one is the seed of Ziziphus budhensis. It is almost impossible to find these seeds in small size, such as 8-12 mm, because this tree generally gives the seeds of 13-15mm. So small size is considered as most precious. For example, 8 mm mala can cost more than a couple of grants.

This mala from the seeds of average size 9.5 mm (min size — 9.0 mm, max size — 10.0 mm) is good choice: it fits for the palm properly and it is strong. Though it is pretty costy, it is not so much expensive as smallest 8-9 mm.

Pay also attention on the number of "eyes". There are two and three eyed seeds. Generally you can find on the market "three-eyed" malas. They are more common and not considered as "right" and valuable.

This mala is made from "right" so-called "two-eyed" seed.