Traditional Tibetan 108-beads Mala, made from Baltic amber | Color — 02, diameter — 5.0 mm | Buddhist malas collection

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Product Features

Made from
baltic amber
Nett weight
7.5-8.5 gr
Diameter of main bead
5.0 mm
Number of beads
String length
55 (27.5 cm)
Order processing:
1-3 working days
Color #02
Country of origin
8 gr
Catalog sections
Malas from Stone

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Product Description

Exclusive traditional 108-beads mala from genuine Baltic Amber: Color — 02, small size, diameter — 5.0 mm, weight — 8.0 gr

Are you interested in nice and exclusive mala? Here we have some for you.

May be you know, the Tibetans really value genuine amber (Tib.: སྤོས་ཤེལ་, Wylie: spos shel). In fact, amber is appreciated not only by Tibetans: in many esoteric traditions, amber — the petrified resin of trees — is considered as a special stone that serves as a magic talisman.

Amber varies by the colors and ages. You can see our color chart below: such colors as 1 to 7 are reffered to so called "young" amber, but the colors from 8 to 17 are relevant to the "old" stone.

We are happy to offer you our collection of genuine Baltic Amber 108-beads malas of different colors and sizes.