Elegant Altar Spoon "Rakta" made from copper, length — 22.5 cm

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Made from
copper, patina
22.5 cm
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52 gr
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Altar spoon "Rakta (Blood)" triangular in shape. A spoon of this form with red stone is used to offer a "rakta" (Tib.: རཀ་ཏ་; Wylie: rak ta) in the rites related with wrathful activities.

Here you can see our Elegant Altar Spoon made from copper, made from copper, length is 16.0 cm.

Actually you can be little confused with variety of the forms and colors of so called "menrak" altar spoons. Let's clarify this topic.

An extended practice performed during drubchen or retreat, contains four parts related with four activities: 1) pacifying; 2) increasing; 3) subjugating; 4) wrathful activity. And again each part contains both amrita and rakta offering. Each offering requires its own unique spoon.

This classification is not complicated: the activity is related with form of the spoon, and the offering is related with color of the stone.

So, there are eight kinds of menrak altar spoons in total:

1. Pacifying activity, offering of amrita — round shape, blue pebble.
2. Pacifying activity, offering of rakta — round shape, red pebble.
3. Wrathful activity, offering of amrita — triangular shape, blue pebble.
4. Wrathful activity, offering of rakta — triangular shape, red pebble.
5. Subjugating activity, offering of amrita — square shape, blue pebble.
6. Subjugating activity, offering of rakta — square shape, red pebble.
7. Increasing activity, offering of amrita — crescent shape, blue pebble.
8. Increasing activity, offering of rakta — crescent shape, red pebble.

The spoons 1-4 are mostly used, but the spoons 5-8 are quite rare to find.