Tibetan Namthoesaey (Namtose, God of Wealth) Incense, 19 sticks of 21 cm — genuine organic incense decorated with bodhi leaf Mandala art

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Product Features

Made from
herbal mix
21 cm
Sticks per pack
19 sticks
Country of origin
80 gr
In stock: many

Product Description

This top quality Namthoesaey (Namtose, Vaisravana) Incense has been hand manufactured according to the traditional recipe in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tibetan Namthoesaey (Namtose, Vaisravana, God of Wealth) Incense. This herbal blend is lovely edicated to Namtose, the God of Wealth, and can be used as an offering to the different gods and goddesses.

This is 100% natural organic blend. It contains no animal or chemical ingredients, as well as no toxic addivtives.

Aromatherapy in Tibetan medicine

Disclaimer: Pay attention, please: as an extremely rare case, some ingredients of any incense may cause an allergy problem. So be careful if you have a tendency and remember: you use this product on your own risk.

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