Manjushree — Genuine Tibetan Incense, 32 sticks of 19 cm

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Product Features

Made from
herbal mix
19 cm
Sticks per pack
32 sticks
Country of origin
65 gr

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Product Description

This Manjushree genuine Tibetan incense is made by Nepal based factory of Gangchen Rinpoche. This is one of a few manufacturers who still use traditional formulas and prescriptions, unlike of most of cheap manufacturers who use essences instead of real herbs.

Manjushree herbal incense has traditionally been used to purify the space of negative energies. It helps to get rid of internal obstacles, physical and mental imbalances. It is also burnt during the special ceremonies and Buddhist festivals. By using this incense as an offering, you will increases the wisdom, and achieve longevity.

The box contains 32 sticks of 19 cm length.

Disclaimer: Pay attention, please: as an extremely rare case, some ingredients of any incense may cause an allergy problem. So be careful if you have a tendency and remember: you use this product on your own risk.

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