Kalachakra — Genuine Tibetan Incense, 20 sticks of 13.5 cm

Inventory No: 23010

Product Features

Made from
herbal mix
13.5 cm
Country of origin
40 gr

Product Description

This is genuine Tibetan herbal incense made by located in Nepal factory "Himalayan Medicine Industries". This is the manufacturer mostly making high quality Tibetan Herbal Medicine products. These incenses have the same quality as their herbal mixes.

Kalachakra traditional healing incense is made by hand on the basis of ancient recipes. It is based on numerous medicinal herbs, carefully collected in the places of their growth in the mountains of the Himalayas. The Kalachakra incense allows you to return the lost harmony between the body and the mind.

Kalachakra (in the Sanskrit translation of the Circle of Time) is a tantric text and yidam of the annutarayoga tantra class. It is present in the lines of succession of the teachings of the Tibetan schools of "new translations" (sakya, kagyu and gelug), but due to mutual penetration of traditions it is also transmitted to Nyingma. In comparison with other tantras, the Kalachakra tantra is considered the most extensive.

The box contains 20 sticks of 13.5 cm length.

Disclaimer: Pay attention, please: as an extremely rare case, some ingredients of any incense may cause an allergy problem. So be careful if you have a tendency and remember: you use this product on your own risk.