Elegant Pedestal for your Buddha statue, made of copper, height — 18 cm, perfect carving

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Product Features

8.0 cm
12.0 cm
18.0 cm
Nett weight
505 gr
Made from
copper, varnish
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
700 gr
Catalog sections
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

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Product Description

Elegant pedestal for your Buddhist statue, made of copper, height 18 cm, exquisite carving.

We are pleased to offer you an elegant pedestal that will decorate the most exquisite home altar.

The pedestal is suitable for statues 10-11 cm high, which you can find in our store.

The Buddha statue that you see in the photo is not part of the pedestal, and is placed on it for general impression only.