Set of 7 Tibetan offering bowls. Buddhist ritual goods collection / Best quality, big size — 10.7 cm

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Made from
5.5 cm
10.7 cm
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
2050 gr
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Offering Bowls
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Product Description

Here we offer nice set of 7 offering bowls coming in small size 8 cm. These bowls are also made from tombac — the alloy of copper and zinc, they are thick and decorated with deep fine carving.

The carving represents traditional motifs, such as Eight Auspicious Symbols and Eight Auspicious Substances such as below:
1. right-coiling conch shell (Tib.: དུང་དཀར་དགྱས་འཁྱིལ་, Wylie: dung dkar gyas ‘khyil);
2. yogurt (Tib.: ཞོ་, Wylie: zho);
3. durva grass (Tib.: རྩ་དུར་བ་, Wylie: rtsa dur ba);
4. vermilion (Tib.: ལི་ཁྲི་, Wylie: li khri);
5. bilva fruit (Tib.: ཤིང་ཏོག་བིལ་བ་, Wylie shing tog bil ba);
6. mirror (Tib.: མེ་ལོང་, Wylie: me long);
7. giwang (Tib.: གི་ཝང་, Wylie: gi wang);
8. white mustard seed (Tib.: ཡུངས་དཀར་, Wylie: yungs dkar).

The metal is strong enough for oxidation, so these bowls will serve for many years.

You can use it for any kind of offerings — as 7 different substances (rice, oil, flowers etc) or just as offering of water.