Ngalso: Herbs 31 (Agar 31) — Tibetan Medical Incense

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Product Features

Production run
Ngalso Incenses
Made from
herbal mix
13.5 cm
Sticks per pack
20 sticks
Country of origin
Nepal, Nepal
50 gr
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Product Description

This genuine Tibetan herbal incense of Ngalso series is made by Nepal based factory "Himalayan Medicine Industries". This is one of a few manufacturers who still use traditional formulas and prescriptions, unlike of most of cheap manufacturers who use essences instead of real herbs.

This Herbs 31 (Agar 31) of Ngalso series is made from 31 medicinal ingredients (including agarwood), which are collected in the Himalayan region. It has healing properties with dizziness and diseases of the nervous system.

The box contains 20 sticks of 13.5 cm length.

Disclaimer: Pay attention, please: as an extremely rare case, some ingredients of any incense may cause an allergy problem. So be careful if you have a tendency and remember: you use this product on your own risk.