Zentra Ngakpa or Ngakmo Shawl made from high quality Cotton, Small size | Tibetan Buddhist ritual and Ceremonial clothes collection

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265-275 cm
94 cm
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730 gr
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Zentra (Zen) ngagpa shawl

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Product Description

High quality Ngakpa or Ngakmo zentra shawl (Tib.: གཟན་ཁྲ་, Wylie: gzan khra) made from cotton.

This shawl is made from highest quality cotton with perfect texture and density. This fabric with noble yellowish tint is often sold by not so "noble" shops as "a raw silk" to the lai people. We mean, the quality of this fabric is so high that it can be easily confused with more expensive one.

The shawl dyed in traditional white and maroon colors, with red and blue stripes in the weave. Even it looks rough it has a wonderful feel and will become softer with regular use.

The length of the zen may slightly vary between 265 and 275 cm.

For dry clean only!