Statue of Amitayus (Buddha of Longevity, Tsepame) | Silver Plated, height 16.5 cm

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Product Features

8.0 cm
11.0 cm
Height without frame
15.5 cm
Height with frame
16.5 cm
Nett weight
Made from
Cupronickel, silver plated
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
680 gr
Catalog sections
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

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Product Description

Here you can see finest bronze statue of Buddha Amitayus (aka Tsepame), Buddha of Longevity, medium size — 16.5 cm, fine carving.

Buddha Amitayus (Sanskr.: अमितायुस्, Amitāyus) literally means «Infinite Life» (Tib.: ཚེ་དཔག་མེད།, Wylie: tshe dpag med) is a special form of Buddha Amitabha. Amitayus is considered as a heart son of Buddha Amitabha and comes as general Buddha of Padma family. Buddhists pray to Buddha Amitayus for the longevity.

All the details of this statue — such as the hands, face, etc — are made very carefully and in the details. Each statue has some space inside to be filled by traditional substances.

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