Thangka "White Tara" Real Tibetan Masterpiece Thangka painting on canvas, image size 40 x 54 cm / 15,7 x 21,3 inches | Buddhist Art

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Product Features

Made from
canvas, paint, gold
Size of Image
40 x 54 cm / 15,7 x 21,3 inches
Size of Brocade
76 x 118 cm / 29,9 x 46,5 inches
Country of origin
670 gr
Catalog sections
Painted Thangkas, Crazy Stuff

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Product Description

This real painted thangka (tib.: ཐང་ཀ་) of White Tara in the midst of Buddha Amitayus aka Tsepame (Tib.: ཚེ་དཔག་མེད། ; Wylie: tshe dpag med) and Usnisavijaya (Tib.: གཙུག་གཏོར་རྣམ་རྒྱལ་མ།; Wylie: gtsug tor rnam rgyal ma)

White Tara is considered as a female Bodhisattva of longevity in Mahayana Buddhism or a female Buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism. Accomplished with Tsepame and Usnisavijaya, this thangka represents Tsesum Gonpo (Tib.: ཚེ་གསུམ་དགོན་པོ།; Wylie: tshe gsum dgon po) that literally means "Three deities of longevity".

It is not just a sample of traditional Buddhist painting. This is real masterpiece!!! Just have a look on the highest detalation, half tones, color pransitions: you will be impressed, for sure .

This thangka is finished with high quality brocare, exactly as on the picture.


This painting is made in accordance with all religious canons. So, you can be sure — all the proportions and colors are correct.

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