Buddhist Traditional Ceremonial Apparel (Puja Dress) made from high quality brocade | Tibetan Ceremonial clothes collection

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Zentra (Zen) ngagpa shawl

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Genuine ceremonial apparel for performing tantric rituals. Hand made from high quality brocade.

Contains following items:
1) the cape (tib.: སྟོད་གྱོགས་, Wylie: stod gyogs);
2) the skirt (tib.: སྨད་གྱོགས་, Wylie: smad gyogs);
3) pre-eminent crest (tib.: གཙུག་གཏོར་, Wylie: gtsug gtor);
4) ceremonial crown, symbolizing five enlightened families (tib.: རིག་ལྔ་, Wylie: rig lnga);
5) silked ribbons (tib.: ཅོདཔན་, Wylie: cod pan);

For dry clean only!