Tsebum, perfect buddhist Long Life Vase, height — 17.5 cm | Buddhist ritual goods and home charms collection

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Product Features

Made from
Bronze, patina
17.5 cm
10.5 cm
Country of origin
270 gr

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Product Description

This is so called Tsebum (Tib.:ཚེ་བུམ།; Wylie: tshe bum) or the Long Life Vase. This product is quite rare at the market, but still it is important ritual object in Tibetan Buddhism.

The Tsebum represents the enlightened activity of Amitayus, the buddha of longevity, and is used for long life rituals and empowerments, as well as placed on the altar.

This vase is made from copper, and finely carved with Ashtamangala (Eight Auspicious symbols), what in general symbolizes a life without troubles and in harmony with Buddhist teachings.

The gao on the top of the vase is easily openable: so you can place proper image of Buddha Amitayus inside.

Pay attention, please: this vase is NOT filled!!! You shall do it by yourself under the guidance of qualified lamas.