Kapala Set made from copper, small size : height — 11.5 cm, width — 8.5 cm | Buddhist ritual goods collection

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Made from
copper, patina
11.5 cm
8.5 cm
Country of origin
210 gr
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Other ritual stuff

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Product Description

Kapala is a bowl for tantric offering, shaped like a skull. As it was said it if used in tantric practices for "Men" (tib.: སྨས།) and "Rakta" (tib.: རག་ཏ་) offerings. Men literally means "the medicine" and consists of eight unclear substances tantrically transformed into one medical nectar. "Rakta" is also tantric offering symbolizing blood. Traditionally, rakta consists of thirty-five ingredients and simbolizes the offering of the blood of the slain mind-poisons of ignorance, pride, anger, attachment and envy.

This kapala is made from tombac (alloy of copper and zinc) and alluminium and covered with clasical ornament.

As it is mentioned above, it is used for two kinds of offerings, so probably you need to have two kapalas on your altar.

IMPORTANT NOTE! This product is sold by piece, not by pair!!!