Ceremonial Spoons for Fire Offering Jinsek aka "Homa" set of 2 pieces, length — 75 cm | Buddhist ritual goods collection

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Product Features

Made from
copper alloy, patina
75 cm
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
2210 gr
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Other ritual stuff

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Product Description

Set of two elegant ceremonial spoons for Fire Offering (Fire Puja) or Jinsek (tib. སྦྱིན་སྲེག་; Wylie: sbyin sreg) aka Homa (Sansk.: होम), length — 75 cm.

This set of two spoons is used for the rite, popular in Tibetan Buddhism (and partially Hinduism system) — Fire Offering aka Fire Puja, or Homa, or Jinsek. The spoons are elegantly looking and made exactly in accordance with traditonal prescriptions.

The spoons are assembled on a threaded connection. This join is strong and solid.