Luxury set of Tibetan Traditional Altar decoration / Traditional Figurines for Buddhist Altar. Height — 16.5 cm

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Product Features

11.0 cm
27.5 cm
17 cm
Nett weight
2510 gr
Made from
copper, patina
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
2860 gr

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Product Description

Luxury set of Tibetan traditional buddhist altar decoration / Tibetan Traditional Figurines for Buddhist Altar.

It is not so easy to decorate the altar in such a way that it is beautiful and practical. A traditional Buddhist altar should store many different offerings: several types of water, grains, and dairy products. In addition, do not forget that products tend to deteriorate, and they need to be changed regularly.

This figurine was made to simplify that task for those who want to have a beautiful, authentic altar, but don’t have free time to take care of it meticulously. It represents all the necessary offerings, including eight sensual offerings, ivory tusks on the sides and more.