Norbum (Yangbum) perfect buddhist vase of prosperity, height — 18 cm / Buddhist ritual goods and home charms collection

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Made from
Nett weight
800 gr.
18.0 cm
9.5 cm
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
900 gr
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Other ritual stuff

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Product Description

Norbum, copper buddhist vase of prosperity — 18 cm

This item is named as Norbum or the Vase of prosperity, and can be described as a home charm. Buddhist charms can be used to maintain well-being and harmony in the family, to protect from harm from outside, to remove obstacles in spiritual practice or, as in this case, to attract and preserve well-being.

To make a home charm, a beautiful vessel of characteristic shape is chosen and filled with special items that can include suitable substances and scrolls of mantras. Then the filled vase is sanctified and sealed in the process of a special ritual corresponding to the goals set and the deities participating in the ritual.

This vase is made from copper, and finely carved with Ashtamangala (Eight Auspicious symbols), what in general symbolizes a life without troubles and in harmony with Buddhist teachings.

Pay attention, please: this vase is NOT filled!!! You shall do it by yourself under the guidance of qualified lamas.