Serkyem offering to Dharma-protectors, masterful carving, height — 13.5 cm

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Made from
Nett weight
585 gr.
13.5 cm
13.0 cm
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
680 gr
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This finely elegant serkyem offering set is used for ritual offerings to Dharma-protectors and guardians. Literally this Tibetan word — serkyem (Tib.: གསེར་སྐྱེམས་, Wylie: gser skyems) — means “golden drink”. You can use it with black-tea, or different kinds of alcohol. It is interesting, but alcohol is generally used in Central Tibet, but Amdopa (people from Amdo never offer it, but use black tea against alcohol).

This serkyem is made from steel and decorated with mantras and traditional motifs "Ashtamangala" and "Seven treasures of Chakravartin". The cup is well-protected against oxidation, and will serve for the years.