Elegant Silver mala counter, small size — 3.5 mm.

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Product Features

Made from
Sterling Silver 925
Diameter of main bead
3.5 mm
3 gr
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Product Description

Elegant traditional mala counters made from Sterling Silver 925, small size — 3.5 mm.

Mala counter made from sterling silver. Designed to count the number of mantra reciations, as well as a separator to split the required number of beads — usually 7 or 21 — of the rosary.

Maybe you know that Tibetans really appreciate silver ritual objects? Not only Tibetans indeed: silver is a sacred metal for adherents of various spiritual traditions. The beliefs associated with silver are numerous: some believe that silver deflects negative energy from the owner, others believe that it enhances positive energy, others believe that it is a resonator and enhances the power of prayer. But one thing is certain: this rosary is a beautiful and noble-looking ritual object that will undoubtedly emphasize the individuality of the owner.

Compositions — Sterling Silver 925
Diameter — 3.5 mm
Length of Dorje — 13 mm
Length of Bell — 13 mm
Weight — 2.7 gr