Buddhist Stupa of Great Miracles — 10.5 cm

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Product Features

12 cm
10.5 cm
Made from
copper alloy, paint, patina, copper alloy, paint, patina
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China, Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
210 gr
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Product Description

Also known as Stupa of Conquest of the Tirthikas. This stupa refers to various miracles performed by the Buddha when he was 50 years old. Legend claims that he overpowered maras and heretics by engaging them in intellectual arguments and also by performing miracles. This stupa was raised by the Lichavi kingdom to commemorate the event.

This stupa is not just a souvenir for decoration: it has been also designed for ritual purpose. Each stupa has an openable space that can be filled with proper substances by traditional way.