Seven Treasures of Chakravartin, Figurines for Buddhist altar — 8.5 cm

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8.5 cm
Country of origin
Kham (Eastern Tibet), China, Kham (Eastern Tibet), China
1350 gr
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Product Description

In Buddhist (and partially — Hinduism) tradition the term Chakravartin (Sanskrit: चक्रवर्तिन्, cakra-vartin, Pali: cakkavattin) is refered to an ideal universal ruler, whose reign turns the world from the chaos of lawlessness to the supreme stage of order. The reign of the Chakravartins purifies the world, and gives the beginning to the new era. By the way, Gautama Buddha had the choice to become an ideal governor, and his body had all the marks and qualities necessary to be a Chakravartin.

Each Chakravartin has Seven subordinated treasures:
1. Miracle wheel;
2. Miracle horse;
3. Miracle elephant;
4. Gem (chundamani);
5. The princess;
6. Wise counselor;
7. Successful commander.

This set of seven amazingly fine figurines will decorate any, even most dainty altar.