Exclusive traditional 108-bead mala made from kapala — 15mm

Inventory No: 22761

Product Features

Made from
guess what ;), guess what ;)
Diameter of main bead
13 mm
Number of beads
Country of origin
Bhutan, Bhutan
113 gr
Catalog sections
Malas from Bone, Crazy Stuff
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Product Description

Here you can see another specimen of oour exclusive Tibetan collection: traditional buddhist 108-beads mala for the praying and meditation made from kapala.

This mala is made by hands from real kapala. Main feature of such malas is the shape of the beads — they have disk shape. Another feature of real skull is porous structure and light weight — so you can easily recognize real stuff from cheap imitations made for the tourists from yak bone and similar materials.

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