Real Tibetan Authentic Kapala Damaru

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Weight without cover
Made from
kapala, kapala
13.5 x 11.0 cm
Country of origin
Nepal, Nepal
500 gr
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Damaru, Crazy Stuff
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Product Description

A small two-membrane drum with rope bits, powered by one hand, is widely distributed throughout Asia and dates back to ancient Indian civilizations. But in the Tibetan tantric rituals and practices the damaru has a special form, and according to established rules it can not be replaced by any other drum.

Damaru was originally made from two skulls. This tradition has survived to this day, but now skulls can be replaced by wood or plastic with the preservation of the original form of the instrument. There are three types of damaru: small in the form of a cranial bone, small round and large round.

Here you can see real damaru made from the kapalas (skulls). Not monkey, not dog — real kapala!!!

Unlike most tourist handicrafts sold in Kathmandu, this damaru made properly. The skin of the drum has been dried and coloured exactly as it did in ancient times. For comparison, the skin of the cheap damaru is bright green, and color paint on the surface, and typically sags in a few months. The mantras inside of the drum are painted traditionally by gold. For comparison, the the mantras in the cheap drums are printer on the paper and glued.

And, of course, this damaru is made not from the dog or monkey, but from real kapalas.

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