Menche-111 powder mix of 111 different ingredients used for different buddhist rituals.

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Made from
herbal mix
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Nepal, Nepal
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Menche-111 is important mix of 111 different ingredients (herbs and minerals) used for different buddhist rituals.

This ritual substance has been prepared under the supervision of one eminent healing lama from 111 healing and medicinal ingredients according to ancient traditional methods and formulas.

These carefully selected ingredients include juniper, frankincense, sandalwood, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and many other: even gold and silver.

This substance comes in powdered form and is used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals as below:

- Added to sangs (incense powders) and offered to the Three Jewels.

- Added to serkym offering.

- Mixed with saffron water

- Used to coat the inner surface of the statue, stupa or wealth vase to purify and cleanse it before filling.

- Used as a part of traditional filling of statues and stupas, especially at the base chakra.

- Used as one of the ingredients for the vase of prosperity.

- Added to the traditional "three white and three sweet" torma ingredients to enhance your offerings to the Three Jewels.