Tibetan Traditional Sang Burner

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Tibetan Traditional Sang Burner, diameter — 9.5 cm, height — 3.5 cm

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All of us, sang lovers asked ourselves this simple question: "How do Tibetans traditionally burn the sang? Why there is no proper sang burner at the market?" Yes, this is really a topic to discuss. Generally, sang in Asia is quite cheap substance, and local sang burner is designed to burn huge heap of the powder at once. Sometimes, it is just simply clumsy clay plate 20-25 cm in diameter.

But, it is difficult to find small and nice sang burner what fits for the Western style, such as small altar in the appartment.

And finally I found proper one. Small sang burner, decorated with filigree ornament and eight auspicious symbols, it fits for small quantity of sang, such as 10-15 gramm at once. This sang burner is almost ideal solution!!! I say "almost" bacause still you should be careful while using it.

Well, the burner has three small stems, what come in touch with the surface. I did test the burner with proper quantity of sang, so here is my feedback:
- the wall of the main part becomes quite hot, 100-120°C. Don't try to touch it with bare hands immediately after the burning.
- the bottom becomes extremelly hot, 300-400°C, depends on the ingredients of your sang.
- but, what is most important, the stems however don't become extremelly hot. At the touching point they have the temperature 80-90°C.
I did try to put the burner at the paper and the plastic, and it doesn't affect on such surfaces. The plastic is not melting, and the paper doesn't become brown. Literally, it means: you can use such burner in your appartments, but be careful, and don't leave it without supervision.

OriginationKham (Eastern Tibet)
CompositionsBronze, tombac
Diameter9.5 cm
Height3.5 cm
Nett weight295 gr
Gross weight435 gr


Jun 28, 2018
Perfect for offerings in our western "narrow" world
Very nice small sang burner, perfect for offerings in our western "narrow" world and circumstances. Thank you very much for your good quality products!

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Tibetan Traditional Sang Burner

Tibetan Traditional Sang Burner

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