About Us: The DharmaCraft Story

A warm hello to all of you, dear friends in dharma! My name is Denis, and I'm a founder of DharmaCraft and here is my brief story.

Being a pour climber, I came to Nepal many years ago for the opportunity to study buddhism and work as a mountain guide. At the same time I met my teacher old man Ratna Tsewang, who was a great thangka painter and a person of encyclopaedic learning. He disclosed for me the world of Tibetan artistry and Tibetan buddhism.

So, ocasionally I started DharmaCraft as a dream to do right things to earn some money for the livelihood, studying and climbing. I started to supply my friends with some "interesting" Dharma articles, targeting one aim - to provide for them only "right" things.

Slowly I've grown up to become a wholesale supplier in my homecountry selling different things, even those which I wouldn't set on my altar: what to do if the shops don't look for the quality, rather for money? At the same time I also traveled a lot arount the Asia, contacted new artists and manufacturers, and acasionally found out there is neither shop no supplier, in the Western World, who is targeting to provide "right" goods. The goods of high quality, which are not only nice from outside, but also made in accordance with the tradition. This is how my concept of "Buddhist Boutique" rised.

I'm proud to say DharmaCraft is dedicated to help you to practice dharma by offering the very best goods related to Buddhist practice. We strive to inspire your spiritual practice by offering the articles of highest quality . And, we continue to support Buddhist artists and craftspeople from remote parts of the world, by developing a venue for their work.

All of us at DharmaCraft are grateful for your support. You have allowed us to earn our living at work that is meaningful to us and directly connected to our spiritual practice.

We hope you enjoy our Buddhist Boutique. We did our best by creating it and we hope to hear from you your opinion.

Friendly yours,
Denis Lipatov
President and founder